Succot: A Time to Relax and Enjoy

Today is the 3rd day of Succot. It is late afternoon as I am sitting here in my succah writing to you. I have some hot water heating for tea to drink as I watch the squirrels running along the fence, hedges, and trees. And I sit back and relax in my succah and contemplate. This moment really sums up the holy week we call Succot. Just as I am now relaxing and enjoying the results of my work in … Continue reading

Succot: Why Now???

We are about to enter into the holy days of Succot (tabernacles) and I thought I would share a few words on the topic.  When I was in Israel, I heard a lot of talk regarding these holy days as to the meaning of the 4 species of trees that we wave, and with the meaning of the succah itself.  At the beginning of one Succot in Israel, a different type of question came to me.  Why does Succot happen … Continue reading