Parsha (double) Nitzavim-vayelech: Circles, My Head is Going ’round in Circles

Top of creation folks, This shabbat, according to the Yaakov (Jacob)/Israel family tradition is the anniversary of the first day of creation.  Rosh haShanah, one of the 4 Jewish new years, celebrates the anniversary of the creation of the Adam.  With the beginning of a new creation, we find in this parsha (weekly Torah portion), an explanation of what the last few parshas have been leading up to… But first, let us review the parsha.  This is actually a double … Continue reading

Parsha Key Tavoh: Conscious Torah in Action

Come on in, the water’s great!  Just don’t forget to thank our host.  This is how our parsha (weekly Torah portion) starts out.  The parsha is called Key Tavoh which means, “Because you will come,” and begins by saying that because you will be coming in to the land haShem (god) promised to give you, you should take the first fruits of the ground and bring them to haShem’s house.  We then read of the thanksgiving ritual we do with … Continue reading

Parsha Key Taytzay: A Torah of War

We are coming down to the wire and the Torah portions are fast and furious.  This week we read from the parsha (Torah portion) called Key taytzay which means when you go out.  Our parsha starts out talking about what happens when we go out to war and find a beautiful woman among the captives.  This leads into a bit regarding a man having two wives, one whom he loves and the other he hates, and if the hated wife’s … Continue reading

Parsha Shoftim: A Torah About the Mundane

Here comes the judge! This is what this week is all about.   You see, this week’s parsha (Torah portion) is called Shotfim which means, “Ones who judge.”  The parsha starts out by talking about the judges and policemen that we appoint for ourselves.  These folk are to judge the nation righteously, and not take bribes because bribes blinds eyes and perverts the words of the righteous. Justice is what we are to pursue in order to live and settle the … Continue reading