Succot: A Time to Relax and Enjoy

Today is the 3rd day of Succot. It is late afternoon as I am sitting here in my succah writing to you. I have some hot water heating for tea to drink as I watch the squirrels running along the fence, hedges, and trees. And I sit back and relax in my succah and contemplate. This moment really sums up the holy week we call Succot. Just as I am now relaxing and enjoying the results of my work in … Continue reading

What is a Blessing?

Being a Cohen or priest in the family tradition of the sons of Yisrael, or what is commonly referred to as Judaism, blessings are a favorite topic of mine.  Back when I lived in Jerusalem, orthodox Jews, when they found out I was a Cohen, would ask my to bless them.  Also, every day, during the morning prayers, the Cohanim would bless the congregation.  And at the Kotel (the western wall), during the week of Pesach (Passover) and Succot, hundreds … Continue reading

When Friends Visit

My friend Eliezer just got into town.  He is just here through shabbat, a couple of days.  I know him from my days in Jerusalem.  And just as you do when a friend that you haven’t seen for a couple of years visits, you spend the first day catching up and the conversation goes all over the place.  One of the places where our conversation went was shabbat guests.  I have invited a few friends over and he asked me … Continue reading