The Simple Meaning of Noah Noah

On Wednesday nights, I host a biblical Hebrew class. We learn a little grammar and then we look at some biblical text. This past week, Ester, Melanie, Natasha, and myself looked at the first version of the weekly Torah portion (parsha) called Noah (Genesis/Breisheit 6:9). The common translation of this verse is: These are the generations of Noah, Noah was a righteous/tzadik and wholehearted/tamim man in his generation; he walked with Hashem (god). Looking at the Hebrew, we had some … Continue reading

We Have Arrived

Hello and welcome to our blog. Here is where we will be provide interesting ideas relating to Torah. This is also your place to provide feedback on our ideas, and on how we are doing. I hope you will take advantage of what we share here, and in sharing back. Let’s make this into a community page.