Parsha Naso: How to Keep God Within Us

Welcome to the Torah parsha (portion) of the week. I hope you all had a nice Shavuot and Shabbat. This week’s parsha had lots of things in it and I am not sure which I will actually share. So, hang in there and let’s find out! Once again I have been enjoying the names of the tribal leaders, so let me give them to you: for the tribe of Judah (thanksgiving): divination son of my-people-volunteer for the tribe of Yisachar … Continue reading

Parsha Bamidbar: Welcome to the Speaking Wilderness

[Editor’s note:  I originally wrote this in 2004, for an email list regarding the weekly Torah portion.  I deliberately put it out after shabbat because, the energy of the parsha does not end with shabbat – it only starts to wane with the ending of shabbat.  Think of the shabbat as the full moon for the parsha.  It builds starting Wednesday until shabbat  where it is at maximum strength.  Then, after shabbat, the energy of the parsha wanes as the … Continue reading

(Double) Parsha B’har-B’chukoti Subject: The Green Chapter of Torah

This week’s parsha (weekly torah portion) is yet another double parsha, and it is a strange one.  Nevertheless, it is one I like because it also gives us some hope and gives us some answers; it is a parsha for everybody.  The beginning of the parsha is what I would show to anyone who thinks that the Torah is not pro-environment, for it talks about resting the land and it talks about human rights and welfare.  For the people concerned … Continue reading

Parsha Emor: Paying Attention Now or Pay Later

This week’s parsha (Torah portion) is an interesting one.  It starts off talking about all the restrictions to a Cohen (priest), like who they can marry, who they can bury, or that only an unblemished Cohen can actually perform the sacrificial service.  It talks about how pure a Cohen must be in order to eat from the sacred food (here are my ideas on “pure and impure” from a parsha we read a few weeks ago ), and to bring … Continue reading