Parsha Korach: Dealing with the Evil Inclination

Last weeks’s parsha (Torah portion) started us down path of negativity. This trend continues with complaints and rebellions by Korach, Datan, and Aviram. While our tradition points out that Korach’s argument is not a lasting one, his name continues to live on as the title of this week’s parsha. Here is a quick recap of this week’s parsha. It starts with the rebellions of Korach and 250 men, and of Datan and Aviram. The rebellions end with Korach and his … Continue reading

Parsha Shlach: Dying to Show a People that They are not Lost

This week we learn about sacrifice. I don’t mean the killing of animals. Rather, I am talking about the willingness of a person to sacrifice themselves for the good of the whole. I do believe Spock (a good Jewish boy, bless his soul) in one of the Star Trek movies essentially said the same thing when he declared, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.” I am jumping ahead though. Let me give you the background. … Continue reading

Parsha B’ha’alotcha: What Makes a Person Humble?

This week’s parsha (Torah portion) is a turning point. It starts off with meritous actions and it ends with complaints. It is called B’ha’alotcha and means, “In your causing something to go up,” and it is referring to haShem (god) telling Aharon he is to cause the candles of the menorah to light up. Before I get too much ahead of myself, let me summarize the parsha.   This week, the Torah begins with Aharon being told to light the … Continue reading