Parsha Ttzaveh: A Torah Exposing God

This week we read from the hidden parsha (weekly Torah portion), which is appropriate considering it is the parsha that is read either just before or right on (when we are not in a leap year) the most hidden of Jewish holidays: Purim. What is hidden and hiding? If you all are really nice, and truly believe in faeries, maybe I’ll tell you. 😉 But, before I do, I want to let you know that the parsha we read is … Continue reading

Purim is Holier than Yom Kippor

Purim is almost upon us. It starts at sunset Wednesday March 4 and goes until sunset on March 5. It is a day to dress up, give away food (to friends) and money (to anyone and everyone who asks), and get so drunk you cannot tell the difference between, “blessed is Mordechai (the good guy),” and, “Cursed is Haman (the bad guy).” At first glance, this doesn’t sound very Jewish, does it? Wait, there is more… Can you believe that … Continue reading

Parsha Trumah: Torah from the Inside Out

Hello fellow builders, The parsha (weekly Torah portion) we read this shabbat is all about haShem (god) telling Moshe (Moses) how to build the mishcan (tabernacle). It starts with haShem telling Moshe to tell the children of Yisrael to take for god a trumah (raising-up) offering from every man that has a desire in his heart to volunteer. The parsha is called Trumah for this reason. HaShem gives Moshe a list of the things that can be given for the … Continue reading

Parsha Mishpatim: A Torah Door to the Source

If you are looking for a sentence or two on the parsha (weekly Torah portion), you have come to the right place. After all, this week’s parsha is called Mishaptim which means sentences or judgements. In our case, it is referring to judgements on how to act, otherwise known as laws. However, they are called judgements and not laws for a reason. Perhaps I will explain that later. But first, the summary… If you recall from the end of the … Continue reading

Parsha Yitro: A Torah of Honor

This week is a really big week, full of fireworks and lights and revelations. Strangely enough, the parsha (weekly Torah portion) we read on shabbat is called Yitro (Jethro), which has nothing to do with Mount Sinai or even the giving of the Torah. Yitro is the name of a priest from Midian, who just happens to be Moshe’s (Moses) father-in-law, and who drops in to say hello, catch up on some news, and give some fatherly advice to Moshe. … Continue reading