Counting the Omer: Jewish Personal Growth

First, what is an Omer?  And why do we count them?  And how does counting these… omers lead to self improvement (which I am implying by the title of this post)? The answer to the first two questions are easy.  Omer is the Hebrew word for a sheaf of grain.  The main Jewish sacred text, the Torah, tells us that we should bring sheaves of barley to the sacred place, the place where the divine infinite safely intersects our finite … Continue reading

A Meditation for the New Moon

Tuesday starts the Jewish month of Nisan.  This is the month of spring, the month of freedom.  In 2 weeks we celebrate Pesach (Passover), the time we left Egypt and slavery. However, that is not the only thing to celebrate during this month.  According to our tradition, Moshe (Moses) puts up the mishcan (tabernacle) on the first day of Nisan… which just happens to be… Today! The mishcan is a special structure that allows for the infinite creator to be … Continue reading