Parsha Shmini: When to Be Clear Headed

This week we return to our normal weekly Torah readings (called parshas).  The parsha for this week is called Shmini which means 8th and refers to the 8th day after Aharon and his sons started their initiation into the priesthood (which we read about 3 weeks ago, before Pesach/Passover).  The intiation was a 7 day process, and now we are in the 8th day. Our parsha describes the days events, how Aharon does the sacrifices and blessings that lead to … Continue reading

Parsha Shmini: Captain, We Have a Breach in the Torah

The parsha (weekly Torah portion) for this week is called Shmini and means, “8th,” as in the eighth day after Aharon and his sons began their initiation ritual.  I find it very interesting that this is the first time we have moved beyond a concept of seven days.  Seven is the directions: north, east, south, west, up, down, and center.  It is also the number of days god took to create the world.  So it represents the physical world or … Continue reading

Making Beer and Kosher Pots & Pans

I have been making beer for a long time.  Over 20 years in fact.  I have even won a gold medal with one of my beers.  Not only that, but I have taught a few people who have one gold medals with their beers.  One of those people is my brother. Now, one of the important rules of beer making is that your brewing pot should not be used for anything else except for making beer.  When I told this … Continue reading