Parsha Vayetze: One Woman’s Treasure Torah

It’s time to get out! Well, it is for Yaakov (Jacob).  That is according to how this week’s parsha (Torah portion) begins. The parsha is called Vayetze which means, “And he went out,” and is referring to Yaakov leaving on his trip to his uncle’s house.  On the way he dreams of a ladder with angels going up and down and haShem (god) standing over him and introducing himself to Yaakov. After making a vow, Yaakov continues on his way … Continue reading

Parsha Toldot: The Almost Repetitive Torah

This week’s parsha (weekly Torah portion) is called Toldot which means generations, as in, “These are the generations of Yitzhak (Isaac),” which is how the parsha begins.  It seems a little strange to call this parsha, “Generations,” considering it really only focuses on one generation:  the two sons of Yitzhak, Asov (Esau) and Yaakov (Jacob).  If any of you out there want to read one idea on this subject, I invite you to look back to what I wrote for … Continue reading

Parsha Chaiye Sarah: The Matriachy in Judasim

This Shabbat we read the parsha (Torah portion) called Chaiye Sarah or the life of Sarah.  It is a very ironic name for the parsha considering that the parsha begins with her death.  Sarah dies and Avraham proceeds to buy a cave near Chevron to bury her. After Avraham takes care of the business of burying Sarah, he starts to work on the next order of business:  getting Yitzhak (Isaac) married.  To this end, he sends his trusty servant Eliezer … Continue reading

Parsha Vayerah: Torah Thoughts on Avraham, Sarah, and Yitzhak

This week’s parsha is called VaYerah which means, “To appear.”  Our parsha begins with haShem (god) appearing to Avraham in the form of three men.  As soon as Avraham sees them, he runs to ask them to stay and wash their feet and rest.  He then rushes to have a meal prepared for them.  Avraham and Sarah are told that she will give birth to a son in a year’s time.  Sarah laughs in disbelief.  The men/haShem go out and … Continue reading